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Written by Dondor   
Sunday, 23 December 2007

A video game company, even one that makes simple flash games designed by gamers is a refreshing change of pace.     While many studios produce high quality flash games, Flipline studios is one of the few companies that produces high quality arcade style flash games for a variety of users.    Website owners can put the games on their sites to earn extra advertising revenues or a user can download the games to play on his home computer.


Matt Neff and Tony Solary created Flipline Studios in 2004 with the purpose of bringing high quality arcade style games that they enjoy to the Internet and to people's home computers.   Unlike the more complex titles that may be purchased at game stops such as the Electronic Boutiques, many of the games can be downloaded onto and played on a computer even with the most minimal of graphical equipment.   


Even though the focus may be on arcade style games, the programmers at Flipline studios are prepared to unleash a browser based MMO designed to compete with the popular Runescape mmorpg.  Like Runescape, Flipline studio's Remnants of Skystone will soon enter into the arena.  Players will be able to choose from three classes, although the current screen shots from the game lead a user to believe that Remnants of Skystone will require more coordination than many traditional mmorpgs require.


Although Remnants of Skystone might be their Flipline Studio's most anticipated project of 2007, it is not the only one they have released.  People who enjoy puzzle games will find Rock Garden to be an enjoyable challenge.  A player must move stones to create matches, but a player can play in the 100 pre-made levels that come with the game or create his own layouts.


If puzzle games and mmorpgs do not appeal to the player, there is the arcade style Papa Loiue's. The games feature side-scrolling environments, multiple levels of play and to show that Flipline Studios has gone the extra mile to provide entertaining games to its customers, each game also features an original sound track. 


Papa's Pizzeria takes place in Louie's shop but is more of a strategy game where the player takes on the role of the owner of the pizza shop, where he must make pizzas, keep the customers happy and build up a new customer base until Loiue returns from saving his other customers.


Should the games available not meet the needs of a particular customer, the customer need not fret.  Custom games may be purchased from Flipline studios. The contact form available on the company's website will help hook a potential buyer up with the game he needs.  Most games require no more than 256MB of memory an 800 MHz machine.  A few are even capable of being played on the browser provided by the Nintendo Wii. For those looking for simple, fun games that can be played in a browser or even on console systems, check out the line-up of games Flipline studios has to offer.  There's a game there to appeal to every style of gamer.

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